9 Possible Causes of Hair Fall

1. Physical and Emotional Stress
Stress triggers hair fall. Credit: Shutterstock

Hair fall may not be serious if you’ve been sick recently because it is just part of your body’s coping mechanism. Rest assured that your hair will return to normal once your body can fully recover.

You might have also heard people say that experiencing emotional stress can cause hair fall, which is true. But don’t worry. Although these can raise your androgen levels that trigger hair fall, you can still beat it by getting enough rest and eating a healthy diet.

2. Over-styling Your Hair
Hair fall: The girl is curling her hair with a curling wand
Overdoing styling can cause hair to fall off. Credit: Hariono Halim

Frequent use of heat-styling tools like blow-dryers and curling wands can cause hair fall. The heat can weaken the hair shaft and make your hair break easily. If these tools are a part of your daily routine, pamper your hair regularly with a hair mask to help it recuperate.

3. Hormonal Imbalance
Hair fall: girl is holding a section of her hair
Hair fall is also hereditary. Credit: Shutterstock

Hormonal imbalance and conditions associated with it also contribute to hair fall. If you have these conditions, it’s best to see your doctor so you can get the right treatment.

4. Tight Hairstyles
Hair fall: model is stretching her ponytail.
Hairstyles that are too tight can traumatize the follicles. Credit: Hariono Halim

Putting your hair into a tight ponytail or bun can make your hairstyle look sleek. But this hair habit also causes hair loss and gradual thinning of your hairline. To minimize hair fall, go for loose hairstyles once in a while to give your hair some downtime.

5. Heredity
Hair fall: girl is looking at the mirror to check her hair
Genes and DNA play a huge role in hair fall. Credit: Shutterstock

Have you checked your family tree and medical history for hair loss problems? It turns out; female pattern baldness is more common than we think, which sometimes explains why women experience hair fall.

6. Too Many Chemical Treatments
View of hair that is being applied with a hair product
Frequent chemical treatments can harm your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Why do we go to the salon? Why do we get treatments and procedures like perming, straightening, and rebonding? It’s basically to have great hair.

Ironically, these are also the same things that cause falling hair because of the strong chemicals. To prevent hair fall and hair damage, space out your salon hair treatments to give your strands time to recuperate.

7. Lack of Nutrients
Hair fall: model is holding her hair between her palms while the sun’s rays hit her.
Your hair can get nutrients from the sun too! Credit: Shutterstock

Insufficient intake of Vitamin B, protein, and iron can trigger hair loss. But the good news is you can easily get them from green leafy vegetables, red meat, and citrus fruits. Indeed, a healthy diet is also good for your hair.

8. Birth Control Pills and Other Medications
Despite years of research, taking birth control pills still comes with side effects. Among these is hair loss. To remedy this, go for a low androgen index brand since high androgen levels in your body cause hair fall. Talk to your OB-GYN and ask for a recommendation.

9. Dramatic Weight Loss
Going on crash diets can cause dramatic weight loss that may lead to falling hair. This is because your body mass index fluctuations cause physical stress and signal your hair follicles to move to an inactive phase. Instead of going on crash diets, eat nutritious meals and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight.


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