Sugaring has been in use for a few millennia. Supposedly it dates back to the Middle Kingdom from Ancient Egypt around 1900 BC. Sugaring conquered Ancient Greece and Ancient Persia and has been a popular method for centuries. Basically, sugar “wax” is just caramel made from sugar, water, and fresh lemon.

The difference here at Sehat Hair is our secret herb ingredient and honey. The Honey Sugar Was is totally Edible, and Our Clients love sucking on it while getting their waxing done.

There are No Preservatives whatsoever added to the Honey Sugar Wax as Sugar and Honey are natural preservatives. Hence there is no need to use any expensive aftercare. You can easily clean it with warm water, and it’s done. It couldn’t be any easier! Most importantly, it’s 100% Natural, Edible and your skin will love you.

It works – and it hurts less.

This sticky paste pulls hair out by the roots without tearing off the top layer of skin. Yes, it still hurts a bit, but much lesser than other waxes. Most importantly, it also removes dead cells and hydrates skin as it contains honey.

It’s waste-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Razors create unnecessary waste, and most waxes have the double disadvantage of being made with questionable ingredients.

The Honey Sugar Wax, on the other hand, is waste-free and dissolves in warm water. You can eat it too or rather suck and tastes yummylicious 😊  🌿

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