Benefits of Ash Gourd Juice for Skin & HairMany know Ash Gourd of names, such as winter melon, white gourd, or tallow gourd. The Ash gourd juice is best consumed first thing in the morning, preferably 2 hours before breakfast. You will notice the best results if consumed with the practice of intermittent fasting.

The ash gourd juice absorbs all toxins, germs, and contamination accumulated in one’s body. It then flushes out this waste from one’s system.

I have seen improvement in my clients who have acne, dark patches, or dry skin. Hair loss and skin issues are a sign our body is telling us that something is not right. Before customizing the concoctions to treat my clients, understanding and taking their health history always yields the best results.

Rich in Minerals

The Ash gourd juice is rich in essential minerals, calcium, iron, vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B3, magnesium, zinc and selenium, phosphorus, riboflavin, thiamine, and niacin. Ash Gourd juice has been hailed to reduce joint pains, increase immunity, alleviate sleeping disorders and regulate thyroid levels. It is also used in many treatments in Ayurveda.

Customize Concoction

Some clients with inflamed acne have shown great results, including ash gourd in their customized concoction during a facial session. It contains astringent properties and aids in neutralizing infected acne. I have also seen good results customizing the concoction of ash gourd with cucumber for sunburnt skin.

I also use ash gourd in my customized concoctions for clients who have a dry scalp with flaky dandruff. In my salon, this treatment can be done in conjunction with a customized hair loss treatment.

Constipation Cure

If you are looking to detox or suffer from constipation, it’s good to have this juice before breakfast first thing in the morning. It can be taken by itself, and there is no need to add any additional flavors as it’s pleasant in taste.

You will notice better bowel movements, your skin will begin to glow, and hair will be shinier, healthier, and lesser hair fall. You will notice results in 3 months provided that you eat healthily and exercise as well.

How to Prepare Ash Gourd Juice?

Remove the skin of the ash gourd

Remove the seeds

Cut the white part into slices or cubes and add into the juicer

Drink it and enjoy the benefits. Minimum amount 150 – 250 MLS/day.

Remember, the key here is moderation. Never overdo or overindulge.

Treatment for Dandruff (Dry Scalp)

Grate the Ash Gourd till you have about 3 tablespoons.

Or you can use the balance pulp from the juicer ( 3 tablespoons pulp + 2 tablespoons juice + 1 tablespoon yogurt + 1 teaspoon honey)

Massage it onto your scalp and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes.

Rinse and shampoo.

You can repeat once a week initially then spread it out.

Note: Do Not Use Anti Dandruff Shampoos as it defeats practicing Natural Treatments. (Overtime, your dandruff will become resistant to your anti-dandruff shampoo) 

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