Pili Nuts Cinnamon and Raw Honey


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Pili nuts are from Bicol, Philippines. Pili trees grow wild on volcanic soil in Bicol,Philippines. It is a tree nut, although technically a seed. And tastes like a macadamia but even more buttery!

Pili nuts have some really amazing health benefits, and it is further enhanced because we activate them which means they are still raw and contain all their nutrients.

Pili nuts cinnamon and raw honey boost immunity for influenza
& colds. Cinnamon may help our bodies fight inflammations; while raw honey has natural antibacterial properties to aid our immunity.

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250 grams,Width : 3 cm, Length : 16cm, Height : 21cm

45 grams,Width : 2 cm, Length : 11cm, Height : 17cm

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45g, 250g


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