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Products made with 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Natural Treatments for Hair and Skin

Natural & Organic Customised Treatments for Hair and Skin

Enhancing Beauty at it’s most organic state

Simran Beyond Beauty specialises in Natural and Homemade beauty products and treatments that are made with the purest certified organic and natural ingredients. What we put on our skin, hair and body will eventually enter  our bloodstream, that is why our products and treatments are free from sulphates, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, and parabens. Our product and treatment range is chockful of healthy, nourishing, organic ingredients such as star anise, heanna, and jojoba oil, ensuring the best result for your skin, health, and life. Customisation products for serious treatments are done on the spot after our founder examine the client’s skin and hair for the issues they are facing. By using 100% Natural and Organic ingredients,  our customised products are extremely safe and even edible.

After our founder has done examining and analysing the customers facial skin and hair issues, the treatment is customised on the spot using 100% natural and organic ingredients. These concoctions used for the treatments are safe, making them even edible.

Services are provided in a serene, tranquill ambience.

Our carefully thought out treatments are unique as they are specially customised to cater to each client’s individual’s needs to rejuvenate.

Tailored Treatments For Clients

Our founder believes in individually customised treatments for each of our client’s hair and skin issues. This is why we are the first hair, beauty, waxing spa and best organic hair dye salon in Malaysia to do so.

With our Customised Hair Treatments (for hair loss, dandruff, oily/dry scalp/hair, itchy scalp, etc.) and Customised Facials (for acne, pigmentation, sunburn, anti-wrinkle/lifting, and brightening) is curated based on our client’s skin and hair care needs.

After our founder has examined and understood the customers facial concerns or hair issues, the treatment customisation will be done on the spot using 100% natural and organic ingredients. These concoctions used for the treatments are so natural that they are edible too.

More Than Just A Skin and Hair Spa Salon

Aside from our Organic Hair Colouring, Organic Henna Hair & Herbs, Customised Facials & Hair Treatments we are also the first to provide Edible Honey Sugar Wax for waxing services. Our Edible Honey Sugar Wax product is a highly acclaimed sugar wax with our secret herb ingredients and has garnered massive positive reviews on our Facebook. You may read the many client reviews. As the skin is the largest organ in our body, what can be more safer than our Edible Honey Sugar Wax!

We also bring you our 100% Natural, Organic Certified, Halal products to your home, where you can do your DIY pampering session in the comfort of your own home. Our range of Hair Colours and Special Anti-Allergy Range is great for those with super sensitive scalps (Certified Organic & Halal)

Our Products

  • Our Organic and Halal Certified Hair Color & Treatments are the most DIY friendly.
  • Bespoke Facial products are available upon request only.
  • Magnesium rich pili nuts are also now available (1 st in Malaysia) here to further enhance health from inside out!
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    Bio Organic Hair Growout Oil & Bio Organic Growout Shampoo Set

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    Bio Organic Growout Hair Oil, Hair Growth Oil

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    Bio Organic Growout Shampoo

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    Color Protective Shampooing Conditioner & Hair Eaze Spa Mask Set

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    Hair Eaze Spa Mask for Shiny Hair

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    Color Protective Shampooing Conditioner


Keeping You Beautiful and Healthy From The Inside Out

Here at Simran Beyond Beauty, we want you to experience the joy and rejuvenated feeling you’ll get when you use our products with their calming scents, gentle textures, and effective results.

Choose Organic and Natural,
Choose Sehat Hair.

If you have any concerns regarding your hair and skin issue or require more information or assistance, do reach out to us via WhatsApp or drop us an email. You can also schedule an appointment with us easily on our Facebook or using this link.