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Which is the most effective hair loss treatment in Malaysia?

There are different types of Hair Loss Treatment in Malaysia, from hair transplants to platelet rich plasma therapy. These therapies do show results.

The hair loss treatment in Malaysia is highly effective and uses Platelet-rich Plasma therapy for hair loss. This therapy is believed to show instant results and that too within a single visit usually.

Does hair loss treatment have long-lasting effects?

The hair loss treatments that are done in popular salons and by experienced individuals using the best of the techniques usually last long. The therapy prevents hair thinning and other such hair fall reasons and thus is effective in the long run.

Can the hairs be regrown with the help of hair treatment at a salon?

The hair loss that generally originates from a lack of nutrition to the scalp and proper care can be backtracked. New hair can effectively regrow in a hair treatment salon with a few visits and normally do not incurr heavy expenses.

What is the most effective method of hair loss control?

Hair loss can be controlled by giving required nutrition to the scalp through external application and internal consumptions of nutrients. Nutrafol is one such nutrient provider that ensures proper care for your damaged hairs and prevents further damage and can help some people.

The 100% Natural, Customised Concoction for Hair Issues

During Consultation with the client, the founder will examine client’s scalp and hair.
The selection of the concoction is shown to the client and thereafter blended in front of the client.

The Treatment Session

The blended concoction is spread and massaged over the client’s scalp.

The scalp massage is followed by massage of the neck, shoulders and upper back. The massage helps to de-stress the client, aiding in relaxation which increases blood circulation, which in turn helps better penetration of the herbs in the concoction.

This is followed by a Hair Steam, Hair Wash and Blow Dry.

Clients are advised not to wash their hair for the first 48 hours. Clients will notice improved hair texture and lesser hair fall from the first session. For best results, clients are advised to come for a weekly session for a minimum of 6 times. Just as one’s body need healthy meals daily, this concoction fills the required lack in the client.

After every 6 sessions, the sessions are placed further apart. From weekly, the visits are now every two weeks, there after every three weeks and than once a month or when necessary.

Normal Rate for this session is RM 600. Promo Rate : RM 250. Please follow our Facebook Page or call to inquire for the current Promo Rate.

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