Organic Waxing

100% Natural,Organic, Edible Wax

Our customers rave about our Organic Waxing services. Our wax is completely organic and is hand made by our founder, Gurjit (Jee).

8 Benefits Waxing With Us -:

  • Our Organic/Natural Wax is totally Edible and Tastes Yummy
  • Hair Regrowth is Lesser
  • Hair Regrowth is Slower
  • Hair Regrowth is Finer
  • Your Skin is Moisturised
  • Our Rates are Super Friendly to Your Pocket
  • Friendly and Comfortable Atmosphere
  • Fresh Wax Pot For Every Customer

Do talk to our therapists to know more about our Organic Wax.

Price List

Face Waxing For Women 

Area Normal Rate Now
Whole Face RM110 RM90
Whole Face & Neck RM130 RM110
Forehead RM20 RM15
Ears / Cheeks RM30 RM20
Upper Lip RM20 RM10
Lower Lip RM15 RM8
Chin RM30 RM15
Sideburns RM20 RM15
Jawline RM30 RM15


Area Normal Rate Now
Bikini Line RM80 RM50
All Off RM140 RM80
Crack Only RM50 RM30

Lower Body Waxing For Women

Area Normal Rate Now
Buttocks RM50 RM30
Half Leg ( from knee cap below) RM80 RM55
3/4 Leg RM90 RM70
Full Leg RM120 RM85
Toes RM20 RM15

Upper Body Waxing For Women

Area Normal Rate Now
Under Arm RM40 RM30
Half Arm RM45 RM40
Full Arm RM90 RM55
Knuckles RM20 RM15
Shoulder RM40 RM35
Chest & Shoulders RM80 RM55
Nipple Area RM20 RM10
Full Back RM125 RM70
Stomach Area RM80 RM60

Threading services are provided here too and we use antibacterial threads. Grooming the eyebrows using the threading thread helps to shape the eyebrow better as the thread can easily be maneouvered around the eyebrow.

Our services are truly friendly to your pocket.

Price List

Area Normal Rate Now- Women Now-Men
Eyebrow RM15/RM18 RM10 RM12
Whole Face RM70/RM90 RM55 RM70
Whole Face & Neck RM90/RM110 RM70 RM90
Forehead RM15/RM20 RM10 RM12
Upper Lip RM10/RM20 RM8 RM15
Lower Lip RM10/RM20 RM6 RM12
Chin RM15/RM30 RM12 RM15
Sideburns RM12/RM20 RM12 RM15
Jaw Line RM15/RM30 RM12 RM15
Cheeks RM20/RM35 RM15 RM20

Organic Waxing and Threading

There are various hair removal methods and some of these include hair removal cream, Brazilian Wax Malaysia and electrolysis. However waxing for hair removal is one of the preferred options as well especially the Natural Edible Honey Sugar wax at Sehat Hair

The permanent hair removal Malaysia does cause discomfort and does not work on all persons.