Organic Gel Hair Colors

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Natural ingredients:

  1. Alovera: Aloe-Vera helps in giving shine to hairs, helps in maintaining pH Balance of the scalp, along with that it is also known for conditioning your hair scalp.
  2. Jojoba Oil: jojoba oil known for germ free scalp, helps in cleansing of scalp, and also helps in re-growth of hairs.
  3. Wheatgram: Moisturize hair, helps in stimulating hair growth & maintain elasticity of hairs,
  4. Amla: Amla is an edible fruit is highly prized both for its high vitamin C content and for the precious oil, extracted from its seeds & pulp and used as treatment for hair loss & scalp problems.
  5. Orange: Helps in removing dandruff, give fragrance to hair color, give shining to hair, helps in stimulating hair growth.
  6. Honey: It contains antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities of honey keep the scalp clean. It also prevents fungal infection or psoriasis on the scalp. This further reduces the risk of developing dandruff and itchy scalp, honey is amazing for dry hairs.
  7. Basil: Basil leaves strengthen hair shaft, and control brittle hair, basil leaves added to your hair oil controls hair loss, itchiness, and improves circulation.
  8. Henna: Henna which is one of the oldest colorant produces orange to red colour on hair, its natural hair conditioner that helps in repairing and sealing the cuticle, protects hair against damage and loss of shine. It has also found its use in dandruff treatment and in hair loss.
  9. Sunflower: Contains Vitamins, Nutrients and Minerals Sunflower is known to be packed with Vitamins A, B, C, E, potassium, iron and calcium that are very beneficial for your hair especially when it comes to hair health and growth. Protection from UV lights. Ultraviolet (UV) lights are known to be damaging for both hair and scalp. With regards to this, Sunflower oil will serve as protection to your hair from the absorption of UV lights.

Key Features:
No ammonia, No PPD, No Hydrogen peroxide, No Heavy Metal, Halal Certified, Color with care, Permanent Hair color, international presence.

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28 reviews for Organic Gel Hair Colors

  1. Ida

    Produk yang sungguh bagus dan terbaik di pasaran. Tak ada bau kimia langsung. Suka sangat dengan spa mask juga.

  2. Shanti

    The product that made my hair look amazing.

  3. Chan

    A great hair color product with an affordable price. The best one from all the other hair colors which I have used.

  4. Swathi

    I was fed up of the other hair colours as they are greying my hair. I tried this upon my cousin’s recommendation and I am really happy with its results. I love the option that I can either choose to DIY or get it done in the salon here. The owner is very friendly too. Love this place πŸ™‚

  5. Kavita

    I love that they explain as they start the service and the friendly staffs there
    . So far I do not feel the itch on my scalp after my organic gel hair dye.

  6. Fatima

    Bought it from the owner at a Bazaar last year. Been using ever since. Great product. Love the new website too.

  7. Ain

    My hair loves this halal organik hair color. Hope to see more products soon.

  8. Prema

    No using other colors anymore. Love the option of DIY or getting it done here at the salon. Very friendly staff and owner.

  9. Faridah

    Tried the Copper Mahogany and than Burgundy. Loved both. Best Organic Hair Color in the world! Trust me as I have tried many brands.

  10. Adeline

    I bought this for my mother and was amazed with all the supplementary products contained in the box. It had a great fragrance too. My mum and I loved it and she looks so young. Am going to purchase for myself too.

  11. Jesmin

    I have tried many hair colors but this one is different from others. It has a nice orange fragrance. My hair becomes shiny and looks healthy. It’s easy to use and the result is awesome.

  12. RathikaN

    I had tried so many treatments for my hair fall and nothing worked. But amazingly when I tried here, I saw visible difference. Ms Gurjit told me to be patient and not to color my hair. After a few weeks, when she said yes I did the color in her salon and she taught me how to do touch-up as well. This is the only salon where the owner teaches you what to do. I have been buying for my mother who lives in Seremban the Organic Black and my mother loves it too. My sister in-law is also very happy with the Organic Gel Dark Brown. Thank you for saving my hair and giving me the confidence again.

  13. Yonne

    I used the botanical brown than the gel Light Brown over my unhealthy bleached hair as I had moved to Penang and could not travel due to MCO. I contacted Gurjit and followed her advice. My hair looks so much healthier now and I will never ever bleach again. I think I will try Copper Mahogany next. Thank you for saving my hair.

  14. Kamariah

    I have been using the organic gel for awhile now. Love unpacking the box as owner always sends surprise gifts also. Product gives amazing smell to my hair and mu husband loves it. No chemical smell at all. Best of all it’s halal too.

  15. Halimah

    Very good product

  16. Linda

    Coverage lasts longer compared to other colors. Affordable too.

  17. Stephanie

    Have bought and used it 3 times now. A must try !

  18. Melinda

    Happy to give a review. This is the best hair coloring product in the market. No chemical smell whatsoever. Cooling to the scalp. Love the hair spa too.

  19. Baljit

    I am very happy that I bought this gel hair color. The medium brown works very well on my hair and I have received many compliments from my family and friends.

  20. Supriya

    I saw the advert on facebook and decided to give it a try. Pleasant smell. Love the spa mask. Most important it covered my greys. This is my go to hair colors now !

  21. Erica

    I have a sensitive scalp, though the owner advice me to use the Botanical range as I not only had a sensitive scalp but was having hair fall too. I decided to use both! I applied the Botanical Soft Black on my scalp. I used the Gel Dark Brown on my hair , not touching the scalp. Both were great. I followed the instructions provided and with just using it twice, I now have lesser hair fall. Thank you πŸ™‚

  22. Amrit

    Was introduced to the owner by my office-mate. First time I got my hair colored in their salon. Very friendly owner and staff. First time I have experienced a salon where they mix hair colors right in front of you. This gave me the confidence to apply it on my own. Since it’s MCO and salons are closed, have been coloring it on my own. Thanks. Great results and my hair smells and looks great too.

  23. Mini

    I panicked halfway after the application coz my hair felt like hay, than the mask at the end came to the rescue. Was so relieved as my hair was previously dyed, straightened , bleached…you name it…..but all’s well. Will definitely order again

  24. Amrit

    Been using this since last year December. Easy to use and apply. Love it.

  25. Gwyneth (verified owner)

    Is an awesome product, once i tried i nvr change to other brand. Love the organic colour which can cover my grey hair perfectly. Important is no chemical smell after using it.

  26. Gurinder Kaur


  27. Farin

    I had an important online meeting, the owner helped to arrange the delivery on the same day. Thank you. Loved the product. Will be visiting the salon soon .

  28. Cathy

    Love, love, love it. Best Hair Color Product. Love the fragrance and the Spa Mask

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