Bio Organic Henna

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Certified Organic and Halal

  • 100% Organic Henna Hair Color.
  • Pesticide-Free, No Fertilizer, No Chemicals.
  • Gives Natural looking Black Hair Color.
  • Combination of Henna, Colourless Henna & Indigo.
  • Triple Refined Microfine Quality Powder.
  • Suit all allergic to hypoallergic people.
  • Natural substitute to chemical hair dyes or color.

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Indus Valley Bio Organic Henna Hair is a complete hair treatment plus mild color. It gives you color, prevents hair loss, dandruff and suitable to hypoallergenic people. Both Bio Organic henna powder contains No Chemical, No synthetic fertilizer or pesticides. The Bio Organic Henna an Organic Certified Hair Treatment, Certified by USDA Organic, Ecocert Pvt. Ltd. As it contains Organic Henna Leaf powder, Organic Indigo Leaf powder, and Colourless Henna, the Combination of these three herbs treats and rejuvenates your hair in just 40 minutes. Can be used weekly with the Botanical range to treat hair issues  such as hair fall for best results.

For stubborn greys, use Inai Heana Gel Range Hair color for best results.

For Sensitive Scalps, use Botanical + Bio Organic for best results. Mixing instructions will be sent with your order.


  1. Keeps Hair Strong and Healthy
  2. Naturally Detangles Hair
  3. Reduces friziness in hair
  4. Cures Dandruff
  5. Prevents Hair Loss
  6. Gives Hair a Natural Healthy Shine and Sheen
  7. Its Totally CHEMICAL FREE

How to use:

  1. Wet your hair with water.
  2. Prepare a thick paste of henna color by adding warm water to it.
  3. After, Mix the paste with a non metallic-spoon and then apply it on hair to every strand.
  4. For better dark hair results blow dry your hair for 5 minutes just after the application of the hair color paste. Rest it on the head for 45-50 minutes.
  5. Rinse off under tap running plain water.

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20 reviews for Bio Organic Henna

  1. Adilah

    Sebab CMCO, tak dapat nak travel kesini untuk rawatan. Saya menguna produk ini dengan yang botanikal ikut arahan Cik Gurjit. Keguguran rambut sudah sangat kurang. Rambut saya lebih sihat sekarang. Terima Kasih.

  2. Tila

    My hair is no longer frizzy and hair fall has reduced too.

  3. Shikin

    Tiada kelimumur dan kulit kepala tidak gatal lagi.

  4. Usha

    My hair looks more voluminous now. Thanks.

  5. Pritika

    Happy with the product. Hair looking healthier.

  6. Atiqah

    Good product.

  7. Hamidah

    Produk ini lebih bagus dari yang saya beli di shopee. Bau henna lebih harum. Hasil pun lebih baik. Baru tahu, tuan punya sini adalah penjual asli barangan ini selepas berbual dengannya. Dia juga sangat arif tentang penjagaan rambut dan memberi banyak tips.

  8. Karol

    Love the henna smell. Hair looks healthy.

  9. Liz

    Good Product 🙂

  10. Daya

    Rambut lebih sihat dan nampak lebat.

  11. Fatin

    Telah menggunakan sejak permulaan tahun ini. Produk yang bagus. Kini rambut lebih sihat.

  12. Kamariah

    Akan membeli lagi. Produk yang bagus untuk rambut saya.

  13. Shanta

    It covered my greys only after second application. To be fair the owner had told me that it was more for frizzy hair use. All in all the product was good as I saw a difference in my hair. I have purchased the Gel range to cover my greys. now.

  14. Intan

    Hasil yang memuaskan. Telah mengunakan selama 2 bulan. Rambut kini lebih sihat dan tiada kelimumur.

  15. Haq

    Good Product. Will buy again

  16. Haslinda (verified owner)

    I buy this often for my mother who prefers Bio Organic but I myself love the Heana Gel range. Very good products.

  17. Pavin (verified owner)

    Been using this and adding to my Botanical range to further enhance the hair color. I have a super sensitive scalp and have been using the botanical range. Adding this as adviced by the owner certainly helped. If you have sensitive scalp like me use the Botanical range is a must and add this too.

  18. Indu (verified owner)

    Great buy

  19. Mel (verified owner)

    I am glad I found this site and have been using the Bio Organic + Botanical range for the past few months. I was very sad and distressed as I even commercial henna caused my scalp to itch badly. This range provides a soothing effect and my hair look healthier too. Thank you

  20. Aby (verified owner)

    I had to use it twice to cover my greys. Will try the Inai Heana Gel range next time.

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