Neem Combs

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  • Specially designed to keep Men and Women Hair and Scalp Healthy
  • Made from Neem wood
  • Organic and 100% natural.
  • No Chemicals
  • Safe and easy use.
  • Available in 3 shades.
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Neem Combs, Hand Crafted by Artisans.

This comb is handcrafted by artisans using Neem wood. According to Ayurveda, using a Neem Comb is the most natural, purest, and herbal way to keep your hair healthy!

Benefits of Using Neem Combs

  1. Promotes Healthy Scalp and Roots
  2. Encourages Hair Growth
  3. Prevents Dandruff and Itchy Scalp
  4. Detangles Without any Breakage
  5. Prevents Static Damage
  6. Eliminates Dirt & Foreign Particles
  7. Adds Natural Shine & Prevents Dry Hair
  8. Balances Internal Health
  9. Eco–Friendly & a Sustainable Choice
  10. Durable & Cost Saving

How to use it?

  • Start combing from the bottom end of your hair and slowly work your way upwards.
  • Then comb from your scalp down to the ends of your hair at least twice a day.
  • Combing at night before sleeping will improve the quality of hair and hair growth.

 How To Clean Your Comb?

Dip a clean cloth in natural oils, like coconut or olive oil, and gently wipe your comb… It will clean all the gunk from your comb and revitalize it as well. Leave the oil on your comb overnight as it will revitalize your comb and keep it in good condition. Never wash your comb with water.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Rose Wood Comb

The benefits of using this comb are pretty similar to Neem Comb. The difference is that this wood is slightly stronger; hence it can be shaped and suitable to remove tangles from hair.

 Never comb wet hair using your comb.


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Fine to Medium Hair, Medium to Thick Hair, Detangle Hair

8 reviews for Neem Combs

  1. Nor

    Bau sikat ini sangat harum. Rambut saya lebih sihat dan keguguran sudah berkurangan.

  2. Shantam

    I love these set of combs. Good bye to static and frizzy hair.

  3. Zeti

    I love how my hair feels after using these combs. I have been using these combs for my kids too and I have noticed our hair seems more shiny and no more dry ends

  4. Tammy

    I got this as a gift set for my friend and she loved it so much. I promptly purchased a set for myself too. Love them.

  5. Aqirah

    Beautiful craftsmanship. Love this combs 💖

  6. Yati

    Great combs. Purchased the whole set. Got a set for each of my kids too.

  7. Mun (verified owner)

    My whole family loves these combs. Have bought numerous times as they make a great gift pack too.

  8. Indu (verified owner)

    These combs are certainly genuine as you can actually smell the neem wood on these. No regrets. Thank you.

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